Special Studies: Psychology of Language Learning

This course is about the psychological processes involved in language learning. It is not an English course, therefore, you will not be taught English grammar, spelling or alike; nor your grades will consider your level of proficiency in the english language. 

The course uses English as a medium of communication and delivery of information; it means, that you will learn about psychology in the area of language learning while practicing your English skills such as reading, listening, and writing at a basic-intermediate level. The course has four units, each requiring students to participate in forums and submit brief reports or homeworks. All the materials you will need such as readings, videos, etc. are available within the site. 

If you are studying psychology, communication sciences, linguistics, English language teaching or any other field interested in language learning, this course is for you... 

Let´s get started!!

-Melanie Moreno Barahona Ph.D.